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Become an HC4V Clinician

HC4V is honored by the participation of clinicians worldwide who are ready and willing to support the cause of veterans in need. All clinicians on our list provide neurofeedback services for veterans. They have received various levels of training from different organizations and use a variety of protocols and adjunct therapies.

The number of veterans you choose to see at one time is at your discretion based on the resources available in your practice or at your clinic.

HC4V providers commit to:
» Providing neurofeedback treatment for at least one veteran at any time at no cost, regardless of their insurance reimbursement capability. For some practices, this means treating one veteran at a time; some may have the capabilities to treat more.
» Treating each veteran through a minimum of 20 neurofeedback sessions, further and adjunct therapies and referrals are at the discretion of the provider.
» Providing to HC4V, at minimum, basic statistical data on veteran participation in the HC4V program.
» Maintaining an office with certified or licensed health care practitioners who meet the requirements for health related services in their state.
» Being an HC4V provider.
» Following the HC4V guidelines for evaluation, functional testing, client training, symptom tracking and videotaping.
» Sharing the greater goal to raise awareness of the potential for PTSD remediation through neurofeedback within their organization, through research, and externally with HC4V by sharing information and data about their work.

HC4V provides a professional listing in the HC4V Directory of participating providers at no cost.

If you wish to discontinue offering these services to veterans at a minimum of one at a time, you agree to notify us so we can remove your listing.

Print PTSD Checklist:

The PTSD Checklist is a client evaluation form for participating providers to gather intake information from veterans as they start in the program.

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To become a provider, please contact:
Kathryn Beckett
Outreach Coordinator
(877) 334-4334

For provider listings please include the following information:
(* are required fields)

Degree and/or License number* (to verify your credentials)
Name of practice (if applicable)
Address* (no PO boxes please)
Telephone number*
Website and/or email address

Sample Listing:
Sue Othmer
EEG Institute
6400 Canoga Ave., Suite 210
Woodland Hills, CA 91367
(818) 456-5975 (ph)
(818) 373-1331 (fax) -

Special Thanks

Mind Alive Inc. has been generous enough to donate 10 free PALs to these clinicians who are willing to work with the veterans. This would allow veterans to take units home for use between neurofeedback sessions or maybe even for those located outside areas where neurofeedback is available.

For more information please contact:
Mind Alive Inc.
9008 - 51 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta
Canada T6E 5X4
1(800) 661-MIND (6463) or (780) 450-3729 (ph) -


Heartmath has generously donated 3 serial Freeze Framer units for Heart Rate Variability training.

For more information please contact:
Carol Thompson
14700 W. Park Ave.
Boulder Creek, CA 95006
(831) 338-8781 (ph) -

Also, a cordial "thank you" goes out to the neurofeedback providers who are generously donating their time to make this project possible.

Read some of the generous comments from participants: